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XBOX - XBlast Aladdin XT Plus 2 w/ 1mb CPLD chip

XBOX - XBlast Aladdin XT Plus 2 w/ 1mb CPLD chip

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The current Aladdin modchips batches are coming with SST chips that are write protected, an upgraded XBlast Aladdin gives you a viable alternative to chips such as OpenXenium.

With an XBlast Aladdin you'll have access to 3 different boot options

  • 1x 512kb bank
  • 1x 256kb bank
  • The XBOX's onboard TSOP (Retail)


Each chip is tested before shipping. A 6x2 pin header is included in the kit

  • For XBOX 1.0-1.5 :
    • Simply install the chip as normal and tie D0 from the modchip to the D0 point on the Xbox.
    • If you wired D0 from the xbox to the D0 pad on the modchip and it's not working then just wire d0 on the xbox mainboard directly to any ground on the xbox.
    • DO NOT TIE BT TO GND, this is not needed for XBlast aladdin.
  • For XBOX 1.6 :
    • you need to rebuild the LPC port.
    • Then you can either :
      • Connect D0 to ground.
      • Wire up lframe.
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